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Top Firearms Instruction

Welcome to Top Firearms Instruction! Over 424,000 website visitors and 565,000 page views since 2013!


We teach the Kansas and Missouri Approved Concealed Carry Handgun Training Class all over the region, in addition to an unmatched array of personal self-defense, marksmanship, and tactical shooting classes! Our courses are SAFE, fun, high-energy and full of game-changing information. We guarantee that you will be amazed by our passion for teaching. Come see what all of our students are talking about!

Tyson Kilbey Shotgun and Pistol April 2012

One of the stages from the Tri-County two gun competition Go to our website. and check our pics, bios, and classes!

***FUNDAMENTAL HANDGUN MASTERY hit the bestseller list in less than 24 hours from release! This book transcends beyond handguns and takes you on an exciting journey of self-improvement and personal protection!***

To book Tyson or one of our instructors for a seminar anywhere in the U.S. contact us today!

***PERSONAL DEFENSE MASTERY***has been RELEASED! You guys and girls are going to LOVE this one! Help us reach that #1 spot TODAY!

Sunday, December 4th, 2022 ***OUR NEXT Kansas / Missouri Concealed Carry Course is happening!!***

Women Self-Defense Saturday's at 11am! Next Level 12940 West 87th Street

****Now is an EXCELLENT time to schedule a private lesson or group self-defense seminar with us! It will be an experience using teaching methods that maximize retention and success. The training atmosphere in one of our handgun training classes, self-defense courses, or carbine courses is brought to you with the most attention to detail at the best price ANYWHERE!******

Tyson and Justin Jedburgh Target Systems

Top Firearms Instructors testing this target system that takes training to another level!

Follow @TysonKilbey on Twitter and Instagram for videos and updates!

Contact Top Firearms Instruction at:

[email protected]

or [email protected] or

913-709-5635 TO RESERVE A SPOT in one of our self-defense or handgun classes!